Rigs For Sale! Meeting Your Needs For a Rig

TJ's Rig Iron has been gaining more and more attention for giving you, the buyer, a one-stop place to go and find what's available to meet your rig needs.

We pride ourselves on having a wide network for sellers to work with and knowledge of what's available and what can be customized or modified. 

We don't just list rigs, we also help you find all variety of peripheral equipment needed for the oil and gas industry, as well as mining industry.

If you contact us, we will listen, bring you the listings that best match your needs, and help you move on to the process of "kicking the tires" and making a deal. 

There is nothing we take pride in more than being sure the oil and gas industry moves smoothly and confidently. 

And, we mean to make the process of finding a rig match as expedient as possible.

Feel free to check out the tabs above to find types of equipment and rigs, or look at the listing of rigs we have up on the site right now (in our right-hand bar). 

When rigs get sold, we list that in bold red letters, as you can see on our right-hand sidebar. And, yes, rigs are starting to move now that there is excitement in the industry with the alleviating of regulations and the upcoming shipping of oil from the country. Finding the right rig will become highly competitive in coming months, as new constructions slowed down when oil prices lowered. It's time to take shopping seriously. 

If you don't see it listed, don't be discouraged, we are adding LOTS more daily and all the possibilities you could need. Just ask us and we will hunt it down for you. 

Contact - Terry Ann Johnson at  tjsrigiron@gmail.com