Oil Predictions Creating Increased Interest In Rigs and Equipment

Predictions on oil prices abound, but some of the best experts put their heads together to combine a great deal of influences and factors to get a sense of where it's going. Recent predictions have set it at $70 price per barrel by end of year. (LINK)

In this unprecedented time of change in the oil industry, many have shut down business altogether. Others have overcompensated by choking back their flow, shutting in wells, and marking time for things to rebalance. 

Like every other ebb and flow of the oil industry in a global market, we have ridden this through, knowing that it changes eventually. 

With the potential to export oil and with some minor players out of the way, operators are beginning to see the strategy necessary for the next step as we swing back up again in demand and price per barrel. That strategy includes procuring equipment while a variety is still available.

Equipment is going to be the cornerstone of riding the rising trend as operators realize they need to replace, repair and acquire rigs, especially service rigs for workover. 

TJ's Rig Iron is getting many requests for equipment and rigs and the overall mood of our savvy customers is that they feel things are about to shift and they want to be prepared. 

We keep our inventory quite extensive, growing every day. Look in the right hand column for a listing of rigs that we have on the site. But, don't be shy, ask us if you need anything not listed there. We likely can find it for your expediently. 

If you are feeling the tension in the air too, it might be time to reevaluate your equipment lineup and what might be necessary to bring wells on-line again and oil flowing.

We really love being a part of helping producers get their work done as seamlessly as possible

Terry Ann Johnson