7000 BPD Oil Refinery For Sale!

Oil Refinery For Sale!

This used full conversion 7000 BPD Refinery, designed for condensate, can also 
process light crude oil. 

It includes Two Hydrotreater 3,000 BPD each , a Reformer 3,000 BPD, a UOP Isomeration unit 3,000 BPD and others including Merox diesel and other auxiliary units.

The followings are basic yields when charged with the condensate charge-stock:
LPG 1.75% or about 122.5 BPD
Gasoline (LSR and HSR) 74.6% or about 5222 BPD,
Kerosene, Diesel 21.85% or about 1529.5BPD
Fuel Oil 1.8% or about 126 BPD

For more information contact

Terry Ann Johnson

*subject to prior sale*