Introducing TJ's Rig Iron Crew!

- Let us introduce ourselves - 

Terry Ann Johnson

As the owner/operator of TJ's Rig Iron, I utilize over 17 years of experience in oil and gas industry equipment and rig sales experience. I have contacts around the world to help get your needs met as expediently as possible within your budgetary constraints. 

Many times we have items to offer that are not up on the site yet, so ask us and we'll find the item(s) from our vast list of potential sellers. Often times for bulk orders from one seller, we can work out a discount and that's just one bonus we like to include for our most valued customers. We pride ourselves in finding ideal matches.

Contacting me is easy 
918-630-9854 and 

Sharon Day

My decade of online PR experience and experience in oil and gas industry come together in my position at TJ's Rig Iron. I design the ads, website, social media, marketing, listing of inventory, and matching potential customers with potential ideal equipment. 

We strive to make the process easier. It's stressful enough shopping for these items, and we do not want you to waste any more of your precious time.

Contacting me


TJ's Rig Iron's Mission

TJ's Rig Iron is making it possible to do one-stop shopping. We realize your needs list may not be just one rig, but related drilling equipment and other peripherals. Instead of you dashing around to dozens of sites in search of each necessary item, we offer a wide inventory and contacts to make it happen at one site. 

Let us put it together for you. 

We really do love our work and our role in keeping the great industry of oil and gas exploration and production moving smoothly. 


"Prospecting for oil is a dynamic art... The greatest single element in all prospecting, past, present and future, is the man willing to take a chance" 
Everett DeGolyer