Relief Workers' Equipment: Generators, Sleeping Quarters

TJ's Rig Iron is advertising items that might be helpful for relief workers' needs and the jobs ahead for all the hurricane-struck regions.

(6) New Generators For Sale!
250 kw 480 volt

For more information contact
Terry Ann Johnson

*subject to prior sale*

Lot of 10 sleeping containers for sale!

$170,000 for all 10!

Can sleep 8-12 people
air-conditioning (can be hooked to generator)
Door at each end
Two sleeping quarters (one in each half of the container)
40 feet long x 10 feet high, 8 feet wide
This is an ideal buy for any rig builder/rig yard to offer crew quarters,  relief workers, lease sites security and shift workers rest
or even for tiny home builders
Located near Lafayette, Louisiana

Terry Ann Johnson

*subject to prior sale* 

Mud pumps are also available of a wide variety.