Building a Prepper Compound: Sleeping Containers, Generators, Solar!

Sturdy and tough items for a prepper's compound are critical to the stability of these safe homes. Many people today are opting for large stretches of land with several buildings for family members and extended family and friends to live in a cohabitation situation that would support community work toward the end of survival.

TJ's Rig Iron is offering some ideal components to make that vision a reality. If you need prepper housing, storage tanks, generators, solar, or other items, we can get your list completed.

A lot of 10 sleeping containers (under the right situation, willing to sell several from the lot but not individual ones) is for sale. This lot of 10 goes for $170,000 (USD). They have AC units, toilets and sinks, sleeping 8-12. Dimensions are 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width and 10 feet in height. There is a door on each end. These are not only ideal for making into homes, but also for safe storage, or could be utilized a few connected together for a more spacious environment. With a metal cage welded onto the air conditioning unit, these could be left alone for long periods of time with the security of knowing they wouldn't be breached like a cabin might.

Solar kits are also available for off-grid living. These kits can be easily constructed in a few hours' time. They also can be erected by the company selling them. 

$18,500 a kit/installed (you break even in 5 years), $13,500/you install (you break even in 3-1/2 years)
Bank finance- they will take the tax break for you, lease it to you and you own it yourself in 7 years.

8KW system, 22 panels, racking system, inverter, 50' trenching wire to meter
manual and instructions
supplies for making connection to electrical
No concrete - screwed to ground
25-year warranty on panels
You provide electrician
They provide net metering local permit for you
Can withstand 105mph wind, 1.25" hail, insurable under home or business policy!
Takes only hours to install!
30% tax credit!

We offer a variety of generators running on natural gas, diesel, gasoline. 

If you need fabrication, we have an ideal referral for that. If you need tanks, we can get those, as well.
Do you need trucks? Make your list and share with us.

Terry Ann Johnson
*subject to prior sale*