Peterbilt Pump Truck For Sale!

2007 379 Peterbilt Pump Truck 
343,864 miles- Engine overhaul around 250,000 miles at rush peterbilt 
70 bbl tank
Gardner Denver TEE Triplex Pump w/ 4″ plungers set up for 5000k pressure and a rate of 7 bbls per min
250 Series Centrifugal Pump 4″X3″X13″
607 Challenger Vacuum Pump
All Hydraulic Driven
Set up to MIT with Chart
Pressure Gauges Inside and Out 
Electronic BBL Counter Inside and Out
Hyrdaulic PTO you can turn on pumps and open valves from inside the truck except the rear valves.
Location: Southern Oklahoma
Price: $169,000 – Open to Offer

Terry Ann Johnson
*subject to prior sale*