Ranch: Cattle Fencing, Solar Kits and Generators

If you need "tubing"/pipe fencing for your ranch or cattle, contact us. We have can make the process smooth and easy.


If you would like to power your ranch's gate, an ideal situation is a solar kit. Here is the solar kit we offer and it only takes a few hours to set up or the company can erect it for you. 


$18,500 a kit/installed (you break even in 5 years), $13,500/you install (you break even in 3-1/2 years)

Bank finance- they will take the tax break for you, lease it to you and you own it yourself in 7 years.


8KW system, 22 panels, racking system, inverter, 50' trenching wire to meter

manual and instructions

supplies for making connection to electrical

No concrete - screwed to ground

25-year warranty on panels

You provide electrician

They provide net metering local permit for you

Can withstand 105mph wind, 1.25" hail, insurable under home or business policy!

Takes only hours to install!

30% tax credit!


We offer a variety of generators running on natural gas, diesel, gasoline. 

Whatever you might need, let us know. We are very good at making it happen.

Terry Ann Johnson
*subject to prior sale*