Sleeping Quarters: Security!

Lot of 10 sleeping containers
These sleep 8-12
with a/c
door on each end
$170,000 for all 10!
FOB - Louisiana

These are ideal for 
crew quarters on drilling sites, 
office on build sites 
tiny home building
rescue workers' quarters
temporary housing for flood victims
and many other possibilities!

In Queen Creek, AZ, the Salvage Company uses their containers to show off salvage and antique items for sale in a creative manner that shows just another way to secure a shop/home/office closed up safely at night when you walk away. 

Why do you need a lot of containers? Here's just some reasons - 

Imagine having a cabin on your property that you can visit, then close up and it's safe and secure while you're away? 

an innovative tiny house designer did this with a sleeping container

How about a tiny home builder who needs enough containers to build, stack, and make larger tiny homes? 

What if you have a need for a community hit by natural disasters that needs rescue worker housing or housing for those who are displaced until their homes are rebuilt? 

Do you have a project on a piece of land where you need to house workers as they log? Perform work furloughs? Perhaps ranch workers? What about an in-law's place by your pond with a view? 

Do you have leases that need a container on them for a pumper and possibly as a deterrent for thieves who think the property has a presence on site 24/7?

An enterprising mind is going to make off like a bandit with this lot! 

**If you want to do this off-grid, contact us about solar kits**

Terry Ann Johnson
*subject to prior sale*